Image of 🇬🇧 Bread Pattern "The Hearth Bread" + free booklet "My first Sourdough Starter"

🇬🇧 Bread Pattern "The Hearth Bread" + free booklet "My first Sourdough Starter"


My Bread Patterns were inspired by the world of knitting, where it's quite common to purchase single patterns for specific projects. I thought "why not doing it also for Sourdough?"

I created my Bread Patterns following my personal idea of how a recipe should be: step-by-step instructions, beautiful and inspiring photos, narrative and graphic suggestions. It's my aim to give you a full experience of cozyness, joy, calm and mindfulness. Beacuse baking sourdough is not only about "cooking food": it's a ritual to reconnect ourselves to our deep, ancestral roots.

Each recipe comes with a step-by-step description, photos showing main steps and gorgious illustrations by Giorgia Pallaoro.

With each pattern purchased comes the free booklet "My first Sourdough Starter", where I explain in an easy way how to create your sourdough from scratch and how to effortlessly mantain it alive.
Some of the steps are illustrated by Giorgia Pallaoro's beautiful illustrated tables: I suggest you to print them and stick them to your fridge.

The first Bread Pattern I want to share with you is this simple and yet rustic, mountain-style bread. It was baked in community ovens around the Alps, when mountain farmers could not afford to have their own bread oven, so they shared one, as they shared their sourdoughs.
It's definetly a simple "back to the roots" bread, perfect to start to learn how to use your sourdough and have an amazing every day bread at your table.

SUGGESTED FLOURS: organic all purpose flour, organic whole grain flour (better if of native varieties)
MAKES: 1 kg loaf
DIFFICULTY: low-medium
SOURDOUGH: liquid (100% hydration)

PLEASE NOTE: the Bread Pattern PDF will be automatically delivered to you as soon as the payment goes through. Shouldn't this happen in a few minutes, contact me and I'll send it to you manually.
Remember that the pattern will be available to open from your email fot 3 times. I suggest you download it on your personal device as soon as you receive it.

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